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IDEA NOMADS traveled 287 days



54,253 kilometers – traveled on land through 13 countries. 11 months and 8 days on the road. Countless nights spent on trains, buses, yurts among nomads, desert tents and family homes throughout the green hills of Mongolia, high altitude of Tajikistan, desert of Iran and many more. We made it from Shanghai to India with two flights only, and did a nice detour through Central Asia.


onizou idea nomads - iran - gerhard seizer & klara sibeck


iran - 2009/DEC/25 - 2010/JAN/16

"this is the end of freedom", our iranian fellow passenger told us... >iran

onizou idea nomads - turkey - gerhard seizer & klara sibeck


turkey – 2009/DEC/08-25

this place is just way too much, but that's why we like it... >turkey

onizou idea nomads - finland - gerhard seizer & klara sibeck


finland – 2009/SEP/22-25

back in eu and a country with safety regulations, design and good coffee >finland

onizou idea nomads - russia - gerhard seizer & klara sibeck

russia – 2009/AUG/28-SEP/22

lots of workshops, seminars, saunas, designers... russia has it all! >russia

onizou idea nomads - mongolia - gerhard seizer & klara sibeck


mongolia – 2009/AUG/18-28

yet another country of nomads, but we headed straight for the barbeque... >mongolia

onizou idea nomads - china - gerhard seizer & klara sibeck


china – 2009/JUL/23-AUG/18

back to china for a trip through the taklamakan desert to beijing... >china

onizou idea nomads - tajikistan - gerhard seizer & klara sibeck


tajikistan – 2009/JUL/10-22

the dirt roads of tajikistan are by far the worst we've experienced so far... >tajikistan

onizou idea nomads - uzbekistan - gerhard seizer & klara sibeck


uzbekistan – 2009/JUL/01-10

endless amounts of mosaic and blue ceramic tiles. we stayed in the cities... >uzbekistan

onizou idea nomads - kyrgyzstan - gerhard seizer & klara sibeck


kyrgyzstan – 2009/JUN/13-JUL/01

we love you, can we come back? we are not finished with you yet... >kyrgyzstan

onizou idea nomads - kazakhstan - gerhard seizer & klara sibeck


kazakhstan – 2009/JUN/06-13

an event with the creative crowd, a trip to charyn canyon... >kazakhstan

onizou idea nomads - china - gerhard seizer & klara sibeck


china – 2009/MAY/13-JUN/16

discovering new parts of china, our home country since three years... >china

onizou idea nomads - hong kong - gerhard seizer & klara sibeck


hong kong – 2009/MAY/08-12

quick stop hong kong with fast speed train from the airport, two seminars... >hong kong

onizou idea nomads - taiwan - gerhard seizer & klara sibeck


taiwan – 2009/APR/17-MAY/13

yes, we made it around the whole island, with lots of events... >taiwan