Time to take off, pack our bags and leave... so we compiled a list of what we bring. Yes, it's extensive. We'll figure out in a few months or so what is REALLY needed. And get rid of the rest.


onizou idea nomads - packing - gerhard seizer & klara sibeck


backgammon, backpack large x 2, backpack small x 2, badges IDEA NOMADS, battery case, battery charger, books, bum bag, business cards, camera batteries x 7, camera canon G10, camera cases x 2, camera chargers x 2, camera pentax optio w60, cap, carabiners, chinese spice, coffee, compass, computer case, computer charger, computer mouse, computer samsung nc10, conditioner, cotton buds, cotton pads, coffee creamer, credit cards x 6, deck of cards, dental floss, diving membership cards x 2, down jackets x 2, driving licenses x 2, duct tape, earplugs x 2, face cream, face soap, flip flops x 2, foldable cup, girly t-shirts x 3, gloves x 2, GPS batteries, GPS Oregon 300, guide book central asia, guide book china, guide book transsiberian, hand cream, hand disinfectant, headache pills, headlamps x 2, headphones x 2, heat stickers, hiking pants x 2, hot-pants, international driving license, iphone battery booster, iphones charger, iphones x 2, ipod double plug, ipods x 2, laundry bags x 4, lip cerate x 3, long johns x 2, luggage lock cables x 2, make-up, make-up remover, map central asia, map china, measurement tape, memory sticks x 2, mirror small, nail clipper, soap, napkins, neck pouch, non-spill cup, note book large, note book small, IDEA NOMADS acrylic rings, IDEA NOMADS brand, IDEA NOMADS name cards, IDEA NOMADS rubber rings, IDEA NOMADS stamp, packing nets x 10, padlocks x 2, page marker stickers, pants x 2, paperback novels, passport photos, passports x 4, pillows, plastic document folders, pocket knife, point-it guide, polo shirts x 2, portable hard drive, power adapters x 2, rain pants x 2, rechargeable batteries, red wool longsleeve, rubber bands, safety pins, sandals, scarf, shampoo, sewing kit, shoes x 2, shorts x 2, shoulder bag, sim cards, skeletool, sleeping bags x 2, sleeping case x 2, sneakers, space pens x 3, sporks x 2, stamp IDEA NOMADS, stickers, straps, sugar, sunglass cases x 3, sunglasses x 2, sweaters x 3, swim wear x 2, tea, tiger balm, toilet paper, toiletry bag, tooth brush x 2, tooth paste, towel microfiber x 2, towel mini x 2, t-shirts polyester x 4, t-shirts wool x 4, tweezers, underwear x 12, usb cable, vaccination cards x 2, vacuum bags x 2, washing powder, water bottle, waterproof bags x 8, whistle x 2, windstopper hat, windstopper jackets x 2, wired magazine x 3, wrist watch x 2, ziploc bags  

... and then the medical cases (some of the contents is from the German/Swedish pharmacy): absorbeng gauze, adhesive tape, aerius, after bite, alcogel, alcoswab, amosyt, aquaclear, azithromax, bandage elastic, bandage non-elastic, benzocain, betapred, buscopaen, ciproxin, compeed plasters, decongestant pills, doxycyclin, electroshocker, elotrans, face shield, fenistil, fever thermometer, first-aid case x 3, gloves, heat plaster, ibuprofen, jod crème, lamisil, loperamid, malarone, metronidazol, mosquito repellent, mupirocin, nasal spray, paracetamol, perocur, plasters, primperan, resorb, roxihexal, small pincers, small scissors, syringes, throat pills