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We just can't stop ourselves – some of the events and activities we did and interesting things we came across on our way are just worth sharing with the world. Read all about it here.

onizou idea nomads - germany hbh coburg - gerhard seizer & klara sibeck


germans: beer drinkers who are always on time and need instructions for every single task...? >2009/NOV/20 hbh coburg

onizou idea nomads - germany hfg schwäbisch gmünd - gerhard seizer & klara sibeck


hfg lab week workshop and a wednesday seminar with the IDEA NOMADS in southern germany...

>2009/NOV/10-11 hfg gmuend

onizou idea nomads - office nomad janne saarikko helsinki - gerhard seizer & klara sibeck


idea nomads meet the office nomad and learn how to pursue a nomadic working life... >2009/SEP/23 office nomad

onizou idea nomads - loft project etagi st. petersburg - gerhard seizer & klara sibeck


amazing creative space – a surprising mix of galleries, restaurants and a youth hostel... >2009/SEP/19-20 loft workshop

onizou idea nomads - bhsad designer workshop moscow - gerhard seizer & klara sibeck


exploring russian stereotypes in workshop with moscow designers...

>2009/SEP/12-13 moscow designers

onizou idea nomads - milberry seminar moscow - gerhard seizer & klara sibeck


IDEA NOMADS went mild on a friday night seminar at branding and design consultancy mildberry... >2009/SEP/11 mildberry seminar

onizou idea nomads - bhsad student workshop - gerhard seizer & klara sibeck


can you be a nomad in moscow? the students at british school know...

>2009/SEP/11-13 moscow students

onizou idea nomads - martdesign workshop novosibirsk - gerhard seizer & klara sibeck


pit-stop novosibirsk: the IDEA NOMADS spent a long evening at martdesign with the designers of siberia... >2009/SEP/07 martdesign siberia

onizou idea nomads - mongolian bbq - gerhard seizer & klara sibeck

ancient cooking or just new branding? mongolian barbecue is back to its 'roots' in ulan bator... >2009/AUG/27 mongolian bbq

onizou idea nomads - aygen collection - gerhard seizer & klara sibeck

people across central asia have one thing in common – they carry their stuff in the same blue bag... >2009/JUL/18 aygen collection

onizou idea nomads - tashkent workshop- gerhard seizer & klara sibeck


how to promote a soft water, uzbek style? maybe it transforms into silk... >2009/JUL/04 tashkent workshop

onizou idea nomads - tashkent talk - gerhard seizer & klara sibeck


tapchans and laid-back atmosphere formed the backdrop for the IDEA NOMADS’ first get-together in tashkent... >2009/JUL/02 tashkent talk

onizou idea nomads - bishkek kyrgyzstanonizou idea nomads - bishkek kyrgyzstan workshop - gerhard seizer & klara sibeck


IDEA NOMADS on a mission: need for design process in kyrgyzstan. send in the task force... >2009/JUN/27-28 bishkek workshop

onizou idea nomads - kyrgyzstan lake song-kul nomad yurtonizou idea nomads - tibetan nomads - gerhard seizer & klara sibeck


erecting a yurt is a pretty fast process: about two hours if you have lots of nomad neighbors... >2009/JUN/23 kyrgyz yurts

onizou idea nomads - alexey lysogorov design.kgonizou idea nomads - tibetan nomads - gerhard seizer & klara sibeck


looking for kyrgyz style in bishkek and meeting up with alexey lysogorov, famous graphic designer... >2009/JUN/17 design.kg

onizou idea nomads - bishkek kyrgyzstanonizou idea nomads - tibetan nomads - gerhard seizer & klara sibeck


getting things going in bishkek, with a designer crowd asking us for more...

>2009/JUN/16 bishkek talk

onizou idea nomads - kazakhstan containers - gerhard seizer & klara sibeck

from yurts to shipping containers – new nomadic spaces in kazakhstan...

>2008/JUN/12 kazakh containers

onizou idea nomads - kazakhstan soros center for contemporary art almaty - gerhard seizer & klara sibeck


checking out nomadic chocolate and meeting the creative crowd in kazakhstan....

>2009/JUN/09 scca almaty

onizou idea nomads - tibetan nomads - gerhard seizer & klara sibeck


meet tsomo, a real nomad. she lives in a water proof tent made out of yak hair... >2009/MAY/30 tibetan nomads

onizou idea nomads - sichuan university speech - gerhard seizer & klara sibeck


spicy speech in sichuan. the IDEA NOMADS met the design students at sichuan university in chengdu... >2009/MAY/20 sichuan university

onizou idea nomads - dimen dong village - gerhard seizer & klara sibeck


meeting minority people and checking out nomadic furniture in china's guizhou province... >2009/MAY/17 dimen dong village

onizou idea nomads - hong kong innocentre - gerhard seizer & klara sibeck


are you a modern nomad? talking about nomadism and connectivity at the hong kong innocentre... >2009/MAY/11 innocentre

onizou idea nomads - hong kong school of design polytechnic university - gerhard seizer & klara sibeck


summer design dream with the IDEA NOMADS at school of design in the hong kong polytechnic university... >2009/MAY/08 poly-u seminar

onizou idea nomads - taiwan computex design and innovation award organized by iF design award - gerhard seizer & klara sibeck


jury member at computex taiwan design & innovation awards, organized by if design awards... >2009/MAY/04 computex awards

onizou idea nomads - taichung chaoyang university gideon loewy chia-ling liao scandinavian designers - gerhard seizer & kl

talking about self-branding in cooperation with prof. gideon loewy from scandinavian designers... >2009/APR/28 cyut taichung

onizou idea nomads - pearl tea taichung - gerhard seizer & klara sibeck


exploring the mysterious origins of pearl tea, and drinking a decent pint of it... >2009/APR/29 pearl tea

onizou idea nomads - taiwan national chiao tung university and chalmers university sweden - gerhard seizer & klara sibeck


lunch seminar at the swedish student office at national chiao tung university...

>2009/APR/27 nctu hsinchu

onizou idea nomads - urban nomad filmfest bob log - gerhard seizer & klara sibeck


bob log's infamous helmet gets decorated with an IDEA NOMADS sticker. you know where to find us now... >2009/APR/25 urban nomad

onizou idea nomads - chang gung workshop - gerhard seizer & klara sibeck


neo nomadism: workshop with taiwanese students at chang gung university...

>2009/APR/21-24 cgu taipei

onizou idea nomads - taiwan design center - gerhard seizer & klara sibeck


Gerhard gets pregnant and we find the origins of the bamboo laptop. what an exciting day... >2009/APR/20 taiwan design center

onizou idea nomads - packing - gerhard seizer & klara sibeck

packing our bags and leaving shanghai for our first destination taipei. what we bring? check it out... >2009/APR/16 packing

onizou idea nomads - shanghai launch event with naolab - gerhard seizer & klara sibeck


coming alive! IDEA NOMADS launched in Shanghai together with Naolab, introducing naoLoop... >2009/APR/11 IDEA NOMADS launch

onizou idea nomads - creating onizou - gerhard seizer & klara sibeck


behind the scenes – creating IDEA NOMADS. one idea, two designers, thousands of give-aways...

>2009/MAR/31 creating IDEA NOMADS

onizou idea nomads - gearing up - gerhard seizer & klara sibeck


gearing up – getting ready for the long trip with travel-friendly electronics and shoes...  >2009/JAN/29 gearing up